Battery Monitoring System

Wireless Battery Monitoring System

The wireless BatMon battery monitoring system uses advanced SOC and wireless technologies to achieve high-resolution and reliable real-time battery monitoring functions at a very competitive price.


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Battery Monitoring System

Generex BACS

BACS - Battery Analysis & Care System

The most modern integrated battery management, monitoring and alert system Equalizing/ Balancing on highest standard

Our worldwide well-known third-generation BACS “Battery Analysis & Care System” is the most innovative product on the market that includes a battery monitoring and management system and can be integrated into the network. It cyclically checks the internal resistance, temperature and voltage of each individual accumulator.

The specially protected equalizing/balancing voltage equalization process controls the voltage of all batteries to the target value defined by the charging controller and keeps all the batteries in the optimum operating voltage range. If a battery demonstrates noticeable deviations during a discharging/charging cycle, BACS automatically notifies the relevant specialists using freely configurable notifications and visual and acoustic signals.

BACS is the perfect system for all lead-acid battery technologies and is compatible with a wide range of battery chemicals and casing concepts:
 - Enclosed & closed wet cells
 - Gel, AGM
 - Ni-Cd, Ni-MH
 - Li-Ion accumulators