Mini Data Center

Mini Data Center

Mini Data Center  integrated with cabinets, monitoring, power supply and distribution system, batteries, inrow air-conditioning and other infrastructure, packages the complex data center solutions into a highly efficient, plug to play product.

General Features  
Quick Deployment
Full integration of IT cabinet, UPS, battary, power distribution and precision cooling system.
Modular components following international standards are quick to play within one day and greatly shorten the business on line cycle.

Fully enclosed structure, sealing both hot and cold ventilation  channels, greatly reduced the energy consumption.
Inrow air conditioning close to heat source delivering air flow accurately to where desired.
Efficient modular UPS.

Smart Management
Centralized monitoring platform with local display watching the power status, temperature&humidition status, and each sub-system conditions.
Powerful reporting capabilities
Support 365 days 7x24-hour unattended, remote monitoring.Minimize IT operation and maintenance costs.

Safety & Reliability
Closed mirco-environment which is dust-proof and noise cancelling reduces the the IT equipment failure rate and extends the IT system life cycle.
N+1/2N redundant design. The continuous power supply with back up battary guarantees stable IT equipment opreation.
Multi-stage automatic alarm function. Real-time cabinet condition monitoring.
Emergency ventilation system will be open when the AC in failure.
Automatic fire extinguishing system