Uninterruptible Power Supply

Centiel CumulusPower Modular UPS

Centiel’s product line CumulusPower™ is the latest generation of fault-tolerant modular UPS solutions. CumulusPowerTM intelligent modules can be connected in parallel configurations to provide redundancy or to increase the system’s total capacity...

Centiel PremiumTower Standalone UPS

From 10 to 200kW, PremiumTower™ provides the best solution for small and medium data centers, comms rooms, IT networks and any mission critical application demanding high availability and unbeatable energy efficiency. PremiumTower™ offers built-in internal...


Australia/PowerUps MEMO Tower Series

Models : MEMOPOWER (1-3KVA) / MEMOPOWER (6-10KVA) / MEMOPOWER (10-20KVA) / MEMOPOWER (10-30Kva 3.3 Phase)

Australia/PowerUps MEMOPOWER PLUS RT Rack-mount and Tower Series


Australia/PowerUps HPM Modular Series

Models : HPM (4-200KVA) / HPM (6-200KVA) / HPM (6-1560KVA)
* High frequency and double conversion on-line technology
* Advanced PFC technology
* 3U frame, rack-mounted and tower convertible
* EPO function
* Wide input voltage range
* Fully digitized microprocessor control
* Parallel redundancy
* Advanced battery management
* Lightning and surge protection, short circuit and overload
* Multilingual LCD and LED display
* EMI/RFI noise filter
* Smart RS232 communication with monitoring software
* Optional SNMP card slot


Preventive Maintenance Services & 24/7 Support

Preventive Maintenance Services & 24/7 Technical Support Strong network of in-house Technician Service team Perform routine checks to equipment related to IT site infrastructure Any potential failure will be detected …

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Turnkey Project Management & Implementation

Turnkey Project Management & Implementation Effective design solutions for maximum efficiency and uptime Selection of suitable equipment Accelerate the entire project implementation process Minimize potential communication breakdowns Total project management …

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Data Centre Design & Consultancy

Data Centre Audit & Consultancy Audit of power equipment for thorough periodic review Spot potential trouble areas Site survey to analyze site feasibility Recommend ways to upgrade or enhance your …

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